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If you have private medical insurance, either your own policy or as part of a company scheme, you may be surprised at how many private services and treatments you can access at TRUSTPLUS. TRUSTPLUS meets strict national clinical standards and provides a full range of support and back-up facilities.

In addition to major treatments or operations, your insurance can be used for diagnostics such as x-rays and scans, a visit to a consultant or even physiotherapy. With private medical insurance you can arrange the treatment you need at a time to suit you.

Follow the following 5 steps and you could be receiving treatment quicker than you think:

1. Check you're covered

Before you receive any treatment privately, please call your insurer and discuss your treatment needs.  Once they confirm you are covered they will provide you with an authorisation number and if necessary send you a claims form.

2. Getting a referral

Most medical treatments start with a referral to a specialist from your GP.  This may involve your GP signing a claim form which may incur a small fee which is not covered by your insurance.

3. Seeing the specialist

Your specialist will decide whetheryou need some tests, a stay in hospital or treatment that can be carried out as a day case. Please remember to keep your insurance company updated with your treatment plans and confirm that your treatment is covered.

4. Arranging treatment

Whether you require a simple outpatient procedure or need major surgery you can access treatment when it’s most convenient to you.

5. Who pays the bill?

Most hospitals and some specialists have their bill paid by the insurer, but others will send the bill directly to you. Your insurance company will tell you how they will pay your claim.

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) providers

TRUSTPLUS provides treatment to patients that hold policies with most major Private Medical Insurance (PMI) providers.  The best place for independent advice on PMI is the Association of British Insurers (ABI). All reputable insurance companies are members. The ABI publish a free guide to purchasing medical insurance, designed to help you understand more about how private medical insurance works, so that you can make an informed choice before buying a policy.

If you do opt to take out private medical insurance, do remember to check beforehand if TRUSTPLUS is covered in the scheme.

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