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Nose reshaping

The nose is the central feature of the face and many people are self-conscious of its shape which they may regard as too big, too small or to have some other feature which they dislike.  Surgery to reshape the nose is very common and can be instrumental in increasing self-confidence in people who are unhappy with the shape or size of their nose. 

The procedure

There are several types of Rhinoplasty including Reduction Rhinolplasty, Septo-rhinoplasty and Augmented Rhinoplasty.  A Reduction Rhinoplastycan reduce the length and width of the nose, as well as alter its shape.  For deviated or bent noses a Septo Rhinoplasty will be performed to straighten it whereas an Augmentation Rhinoplasty would build up the bridge of the nose.  A typical Rhinoplasty will involve an overnight stay in hospital. 


There are rarely any visible scars following surgery.  However, there is always some bruising and swelling, particularly around the eyes.  You will need to wear a small plaster dressing for about seven days after your procedure in order to stabilise the new nose shaper and protect you from any accidental knocks and bumps. 

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